I see you.

You're exhausted.

You work super hard to make a better life for your kids (and grandkids). You try to save a little for the future or to travel (hopefully both).

You used to be creative. You used to spend more time with your girlfriends.

Somewhere along the line, you forgot some of the things that make you... You. The things that lit you up and made you excited to start the day. You forgot that you are worthy and deserving of... What was it you were dreaming of again?

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Conversations & Cocktails Crew

Join my crew to sip via zoom, or for daily inspiration, wine tips, cocktail recipes and more. Choose your adventure!


Wine Camp! It's a THING, Y'all!

Save the date for September 19-22, 2024 to join us in Texas Hill Country!

Wine Experiences

Wine brings people together! 

Your crew will be talking about our wine tasting event for years to come!

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