Helloooo! I'm Penny Fitzgerald

and I'm grateful you're here! A little about me, personally:

  • I'm married to a fun, resourceful man who makes me better, even when I don't feel like it.😜
  • I have 2 bonus boys (who are now men)... one is married to an amazing woman who is now my bonus Daughter. The other lives in Mumbai and is dating a fantastic woman we hope to meet very soon!
  • We have 3 grands... 2 boys and a girl. Not in that order. And our girl is the sassy, adventurous one.
  • I grew up and live part time in rural Iowa; and part time in sunny Sarasota, FL.
  • We're BIG Iowa State football and basketball fans (men's and women's).
  • I love social time with friends and family, especially in the sun.
  • I also love to golf, and particularly enjoy ladies' and couples' league evenings with friends.
  • My idea of "outdoorsy" is having a drink on the lanai or on the golf course. (You've got to have "Swing Oil", amirite?)
  • I have the best friends in the world... brilliant, wise, sparkling, supportive, kind people. I'm grateful to be surrounded by these extraordinary women!
  • I love to travel, especially with friends.
  • I'm a total foodie and love to cook and pair foods with wine. (Sort of like picking out a pair of shoes first and then the outfit, I often start with what wine sounds good for the evening and build a recipe around that.)
  • I'm also the Fridge Cleanup Queen. My hubby and I hate wasting food and remake leftovers into something new.

Thank you for connecting with me! I hope to share a glass of wine (or cocktail) with you soon!